About us

We are an Australian family business of tea lovers. We love and cherish high quality teas!; particularly ones in beautiful tins..

We started with a vision to make high quality teas, a simple luxury everyone can enjoy. With over 60 tea blends to choose from, we could help you discover your ideal brew.

Our tea products are not just a pretty face!
The tea leaves are sourced from the lush tea gardens in a beautiful island paradise called Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka). Ceylon teas are renowned for their superior leaf quality and crisp taste, sustainable growing practices and wonderful working conditions for employees. Most mainstream luxury tea brands (like T2 tea, Harrod's and TWG Tea) also source most their tea leaves from the same plantations we do.

The packaging is created by a talented team led by Russian artist Andrey Mareev. The teas are produced by tea connoisseurs who’ve been living and breathing tea for decades!
Each product is designed to accentuate luxury, finesse and exclusivity. Each product depicts a story of a culture, a story of a bygone era, evolved to fit the discerning tea lovers of today.

Each tea bag is carefully wrapped with a foil envelope, while the loose leaf tea comes in a foil pouch with a zipper lock, ensuring the freshness is secured right to your tea cup.

Be it, a glorious morning cup of tea to kick start your day, a fashionable afternoon tea or a sensational evening by the moonlight, we'll have the right tea to suite each time of the day. We'll have a tea blend specially created to suite every mood, feeling and character.

Our mission is to convert this essential commodity into a fashionable gift and a simple luxury enjoyed by everyone.