Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

by Mario Rodrigo September 30, 2016

It’s that time of the year again. You can feel the joy in the air, you can see the happiness on people’s faces and you can smell that unique, comforting smell that only Christmas can have.

But your bubble just burst because with limited time to go shopping and lots of loved ones to spoil, you find yourself in quite a pickle. What should you get them, do you ask?

If your friends or family members are tea lovers, you came to the right place to get some inspiration on the perfect Christmas gifts that will indulge their every sense and will last long after Christmas is gone.



Why choose Basilur tea as a gift?

We use the highest quality ingredients that are ethically sourced to provide a unique premium collection for our customers. Our teas provide a unique transcending experience that will take you on a rich ride of susceptible smells, textures and flavours.

Take a peek at our top 5 gift ideas

Our Red Tea Book is a decorative book case which combines simple flavours such as lemon, orange, almond and vanilla into a golden mix that make the perfect Christmas tea for any tea lover.

Not only do the flavours beautifully complement each other and come together to make a tea like no other, but the book case is a great decoration to have around the house even after the season has passed. If your giftee is a collectioner, this is the perfect gift for him or her!



Our Basilur New Year Window Tea Box keeps in theme with the season and it’s beautifully design to fit any tin collection or living room. The tea presents a pleasant combination of kiwi, cherry, cornflower & almond, the ideal drink for the holiday season.

The sweetness of the cherry with the hint of almond is a magical combination that adds to the mystical atmosphere and intensifies the Christmas spirit. 




Another classic design and absolute fan favourite is the Red Topaz Black Tea. That comes in a unique tins designed in the shape of a treasure chest inspired by the precious Gems Ceylon. Such a simple choice that will be much appreciated.



A thoughtful offer for your mother

For mothers that cannot go a day without their favourite tea, we have just the gift that will make their hearts sing. Our Christmas Concert winding music gift tin is a best seller during the festive season thanks to its classic design and the unusual tea combination of pineapple, orange and ginger.

The sweet swirl of unique tastes will be a delight to any mom, and a great way to show just how much you love her.



A rocking present for your best friend

We all have that one friend that is obsessed with reading, Friday nights in and tea. If you know someone like that, spice up their day with a Amaretto tea cocktail that will give them that wide-awake feeling.

Enjoy the sweet taste of Almonds and breathe to live the amaretto flavour.



A considerate gift for people you admire

The Crimson flower bouquet is a gift like no others for those in our lives that inspire us to do greater thing. For teachers, bosses or dear friends, this swirl of black tea with a soft infusion of orange flowers, rose and strawberry is just the thing to transport their every sense towards a peaceful oasis.



A touch of love for your girlfriend 

Love is such a pure, yet complicated feeling. Encapsulate what you feel by giving your better half our Pink Present vintage tin. Trapped inside is a vibrant mix of green tea with jasmine buds that contrasts the sweet strong essence of the strawberry and mango.



The ideal gift for any tea lover

Not only do we sell some of the highest quality teas on the market, but we offer fascinating combinations served in unique packages so there is minim effort needed on your part.

If you are looking for a pre-packaged set that will fit beautifully under the Christmas tree our tea gift collection has the perfect range of unique and vintage tea boxes and sets.

Why not combine a Tea Book and a Folk Knitted Rainbow? A volcanic experience, not for those faint of heart.  Just add a note or a card and you’re set!

Our website has a full range of choices you can browse and find just the right flavours and styles that will form the best Christmas gift your loved ones ever received!

Put your trust in our carefully selected fruit and herb tea infusions and our one of a kind packaging to deliver an entrenching experience .

Mario Rodrigo
Mario Rodrigo


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