The Best Christmas Gift - Green Tea from Basilur

by Mario Rodrigo September 25, 2016

Green tea is the best, healthy Christmas gift with antioxidants and Basilur brings you the very best green tea from the slopes of Ceylon. As you well know, all that is green is not green tea!. There are many different types of green tea leaves depending on their place of origin. Have a look at where Basilur green tea comes from - 


Ceylon YH (Young Hyson) 

Ceylon Sencha green tea has its origin in Japan but is widely grown in Ceylon. This is a rare grade of green tea known for its mellow and rich taste. This Ceylon green tea has a greenish golden color and its flavor varies, depending on the temperature of water used for decocting. The color is greener than Chinese green tea and it tastes bitterer. The flavor is almost seaweed-like.


Basilur Music Concert Pure Ceylon Green Tea 

Taste the lively fusion of coffee in concert with green tea! Accompanied by an ensemble of delightful fruits and flowers in an endearing gift tin.



Pink Present - Pretty in pink, this lovely vintage tin of Ceylon green tea has a medley of leaf tea scented with the tantalizing aroma from the jasmine buds, pineapple, and rosehip shells added to it.  













 Ceylon Sencha Green Tea

Sencha green tea has been prepared using the Japanese steaming process. A delicate tasting tea with a character synonymous with this style of manufacture. A gentle tea with a refreshing, and pleasingly mild character. A grassy note and hint of sweetness in the finish are typical of green tea steamed in the Sencha style. Elegant and subtle in taste, perfect for enjoyment all day.  


Basilur Sencha Pure Green Tea – Specialty Classics - Enjoy the taste of high-grown, premium quality Sencha tea by savoring the mellow flavor of this classic green tea from Basilur.


















  Basilur Japanese Sencha Green Tea Exclusive packaged in shape of a stone, this gift tin contains Japanese Sencha green tea grown in Ceylon. Sip in this light and healthy tea any time of the day.












Ceylon Chinese Milk Oolong green tea

This is a grade of Ceylon green tea which originates in Taiwan. The notable feature of this rich-green colored tea is its sweet, buttery floral aroma that is likened to that of milk. The tea is rich in amino acids and has a yellowish green color.

An exotic blend of milky Oolong green tea, fragranced with milk flavour in the traditional age old method adding to an enchanting and delightful scent and flavour. Cup colour is yellowish green, light in cup



This traditional Oolong tea is naturally perfumed with the petals of Jasmine flowers. Look at the lovely window for a view of Chinese architecture.


 White Magic – Ceylon Milky Oolong Green Tea – Basilur bouquet
Enjoy the taste of traditional Ceylon Oolong green tea with its characteristic milky flavor from a beautiful tin of floral flourish!






Processing of Basilur Ceylon green tea involves the following steps:

• Cultivation of Camellia sinensis sinensis.
• The tea leaves are meticulously hand-picked from Tea plantations around the paradise Island.
• The green tea leaves are then subjected to steaming. Steaming is the process of applying gentle heat to the tea leaves that stops the oxidation process. This process exposes the grassy and fresh flavor of Basilur green tea.
• The green tea leaves are then rolled by people who are passionate about their work.
• Basilur Ceylon green tea leaves are not allowed to oxidize after rolling. So, they retain their light color.
• After drying, Basilur Ceylon green tea is immediately packed fresh in foiled packets, with their flavor and aroma intact.
• Basilur Ceylon green tea is then beautifully packaged in trademark containers to be dispatched to our warehouse in Sydney.

 This is the story of Basilur green tea from the lush green slopes of Ceylon, brought with care every step of the way to your tea cup, Now you know it is justified to call it the best Christmas gift! 

Characteristics of Ceylon Green Tea

Height matters a lot, especially with the different grades of Ceylon green tea! There are many other factors that contribute to the taste of your favorite cuppa, but elevation of the plantation plays the top role, literally! It has been noticed by connoisseurs of tea that teas of foreign origin develop a distinct flavor and aroma when they are grown in Ceylon. There are variations in taste and color of tea at various elevations and climatic conditions of the Ceylon tea plantations. High-grown green teas are lighter and more delicate than their low-grown counterparts.

Basilur has a staggering variety of healthful green teas for you to choose from. There are green teas that are blended with flowers, herbs, and fruits; there is a green tea with a dash of black tea; there are whole collections of Basilur green teas in gift books, green tea gift boxes, green tea gift bouquets, green tea Christmas gift packs, and winter boxes.
To view our entire collection of Basilur Ceylon Green Teas and place your order, visit Basilur Green Tea Collection!

Mario Rodrigo
Mario Rodrigo


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