Herbal Teas Online - A Sip of Nature, with Basilur Fruit Infusions!

by Mario Rodrigo September 11, 2016

Nothing can compare with the allure of a summer garden in its full bloom.

You see varieties of flowers in a riot of colors, the trees laden with plump fruits and then there are various types of herbs too. They permeate the environs with their sweet scent of natural goodness. You take a deep breath, eagerly drink in every detail, and feast your eyes on this delightful fare..

How you wish you could take a sip of Nature! The good news is that, with Basilur Fruit Infusions Herbal Teas online, you actually can!

Why should you drink herbal tea?
Because it is natural – as simple as that! Anything that is in harmony with nature can only be good for you.

The idea of making tea by infusing fruits, flowers, and herbs is not new but one that is steeped in history (pun unintended!). Egyptians and Chinese have used herbal teas for centuries because of their health benefits.

Science daily reports of studies conducted by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that support the health benefits of herbal teas. Further tests are being conducted to prove the efficacy of herbal teas in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Health benefits of Basilur Fruit Infusions Herbal Tea

In a world that is full of caffeine-laden beverages and ‘energy’ drinks, caffeine free Basilur fruit infusions herbal teas, online brings along a refreshing change!

A fully Australian owned enterprise, Basilur teas online is Fair trade certified and is committed to providing healthy herbal tea of excellent quality in equally exceptional containers! Basilur herbal tea is a delicate balance of taste and good health. It is infused with the choicest herbs, fruits, and flowers. This healthy herbal infusion tea is immediately foil-sealed to retain freshness and is stylishly packaged to spell elegance and sophistication. Basilur teas online are fresh from the tea gardens, so the healthful benefits of the fruit infusions are well-preserved.

Take a peek at the health quotient of this herbal tea

Hibiscus – The extract of this flower has been found to regulate metabolism and control obesity. It contains polyphenols that contribute to a healthy liver

Rose hip – Even heard of the fruit of a rose? Rosehip is the extract of rose plant fruit and is usually made into a tea. It is used to treat different forms of arthritis. It may help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and obesity.

.• Orange peel – Orange is a storehouse of antioxidants but the healthiest part of the orange is its peel. It has higher amounts of Vitamin C than its flesh and considerable reserves of other vitamins and minerals.

Aloe Vera – This is packed with potent vitamins, about 20 minerals, and folic acid. Its uses are too many to list but suffice to say that this healthy plant has both antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Blackberry – Rich in antioxidants, these berries are known for their ability to destroy free radicals that cause cancer.

Raisin – These tiny, shriveled wonders are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. They help improve digestion.

Cinnamon – Assuredly the sweetest of spices, cinnamon is packed with health benefits. Studies show that this spice can improve blood sugar concentrations by increasing insulin function.

Sunflower – This seed of flower has rich reserves of vitamin E and Thiamine. People who include this regularly in their diets reduce the risk of diabetes and heart ailments.

Apple – Paraphrasing the age-old saying, a cup of apple tea a day, can keep doctors at bay!


Here is the range of fresh Basilur fruit infusion herbal teas, Australia are available online.

As the name indicates, Basilur Indian Summer Fruit Infusions is an herbal tea that replete with the health benefits of the plentiful fresh- produce of summer! This naturally caffeine free herbal tea has colorful chunks of natural, dried fruits, herbs, and flowers such as apple, orange peel, blackberry, raisin, cinnamon, sunflower, rose hip shell, and rose buds. The natural Basilur fruit infusions herbal tea has a delicate flavor of orange cream and aloe Vera.

This caffeine free Basilur Caribbean Cocktail herbal tea has a unique flavor that remind you of Nature’s best – rainforests, long stretches of unsullied beaches, and of course, fruits and flowers. In addition to apple, raisin, hibiscus, and orange peel, experience the health benefits of papaya, pineapple, and coconut!

If you a fan of that zesty taste of orange that can energize you instantly, Basilur Blood Orange herbal tea is just the one for you! The heady aroma of orange mingles with the scent of orange flower to accentuate the taste of this caffeine free concoction.

Ginger has been the surefire cure for many an ailment since ancient times. Common cold, motion sickness, pain in joints, digestive problems, and nausea can be relieved by consuming ginger tea. Grab a mug of Basilur Red Hot Ginger herbal tea to enjoy the earthy flavor of root ginger and a host of healthy herbs and fruits!

This is the ultimate tea-treat for lovers of fruits and berries. This sweet fruity blend of Basilur Strawberry & Raspberry Infusions has a delicious and colorful mix of antioxidant-rich berries and fruits, vying to appease your taste buds with their unique flavor!

Premium Basilur Herbal Teas online is delivered at your doorstep, across Australia. Available as loose tea and in convenient tea bags.

Mario Rodrigo
Mario Rodrigo


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