Why miniature tea bonbonnieres make the perfect wedding thank you gifts

by Mario Rodrigo May 28, 2017

The History Of Bonbonnieres As A Wedding Favour

Wedding days are designed to be the best day of your life. With all the stressful preparations, the excitement and the nerves that come with this special occasion, forgetting about your guests is easy.

But there is a way to focus on making every little detail perfect and assuring your family and friends feel welcomed and appreciated, and that is by offering wedding favours or a small keepsake.

Also known as offering Bomboniere or thank you gifts, the tradition was started by European aristocrats that would send their wedding guests home with a small gift, as a token of their celebration.

Back then, the gift would consist of a porcelain box containing delicacies made of sugar but the tradition has evolved along with the rise of the wedding industry and is now more diverse and flexible.

If you want to delight your guest with the perfect wedding thank you gift, we recommend choosing something unique, and nothing stands out more than a miniature tea bonbonniere.   

Why A Tea Bonbonniere Is The Perfect Wedding Thank You Gift

What can better capture the unique favour of your special day than a tea wedding favour, customized to meet your taste and remind your guests of the wonderful celebration they were a part of, while they are tucked away in the comfort of their own homes, sipping a cup of tea after the party is over?

Besides the well-known benefits of drinking tea, a well-packaged tea bonbonniere can make a mystical impression and add a certain sophistication to your table setting and your overall wedding.

Love Story Miniature Tea For Ladies

A favourite among to-be-weds and a hit with the ladies is our Love Story Miniature Tea collection that celebrates the joy of this wonderful occasion and the journey and commitment of the lucky couple.

Our selection includes:

Basilur Love Story Vol 1- Earl Grey Green tea, cornflowers & safflower

A fun and fresh flavour, served in a vintage tea box that is ideal for spring weddings and gives character to any wedding venue

Basilur Love Story Vol II - Blend of Ceylon black tea & Chinese green tea, almond, rose & amaranth

A unique blend of fascinating senses that bring a cup of tea to life. This tea bonbonniere can be the life of your party!


Basilur Love Story Vol III - Pina Colada green tea, Cuban white rum, pineapple & coconut

If your wedding is far from traditional and you’re looking to a tea favour that reflects your personality and style, this daring combination is perfect for you!


Our tip for choosing the perfect tea wedding favours and flavours? Go for something fun and functional that reflects the theme of the wedding and the essence of the bride and groom and you’re going to make this day unforgettable for you and all your guests!

You can shop for our entire Bombonniere collection here and take a look at our Tea Cocktails for more inspiration.

Mario Rodrigo
Mario Rodrigo


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