Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by Mario Rodrigo May 01, 2017

Is that time of the year again where we get the honour celebrating those who gave us life. It’s nearly Mother’s day, and we know you don’t want to let this year pass you by without showing your mothers just how special they are to you.

The tradition that started back in late 1800 as a cry to stop a war and celebrate peace and motherhood is celebrated today all over the world as a celebration of maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

The modern celebration of this historical event brought a new twist to the idea of honouring your mother on this very special day: gift giving.

While it started off as an offering of cards and flowers, breakfast in bed or simply spending time as a family, the practice of treating your mother to something nice has become common over the years and the pressure to find that perfect gift increased along with it.

Gift guides all over the internet will point you to buy popular gifts for Mother’s days such as personalised gifts,  kitchen accessories, beauty products, home décor items or other little hobby related trinkets.

But nothing really compares to a tea induced afternoon where she doesn’t only get your full attention, but a unique and delicious tea to keep for herself.

Afternoon tea may have had a renaissance in recent years, but it’s a Mother's Day tradition that's never really gone away, nor do we think it should.

Why tea makes great gift for mums

Whether your mum is a die-hard tea lover or a casual drinker, we strongly believe that tea is always a good idea and you can never have too much. (Which is why, if you’re a mother and you’re reading this, we strongly advise to treat yourself to something from our Mother’s Day Tea Collection or drop some obvious hints about it to your family.)

While offering your mother a unique tea tin to make her feel cherished is a great idea, there are also many benefits to drinking tea that she is bound to appreciate and enjoy.

It often happens that our mothers are the strongest people we know. And we believe that is no coincidence because certain ingredients in tea (such as the antioxidants) are known to increase endurance and increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.

Green tea has even been found to improve bone mineral density and strength.

Not only that, but the antioxidants are known to help the body protected from multiple forms of cancer and decrease the possibility of having a heart attack while also avoiding a number of cardiovascular diseases.

We don’t only recommend drinking tea because of the plethora of health benefits that a tea drinker can take advantage of, but we also believe in staying hydrated and enjoying the delightful taste of nature and magic dancing in a cup.

What our Mother’s Day Tea Collection has to offer

We thought long and hard and came up with the perfect collection of curated tastes that any mother would enjoy. Each tea is uniquely cherished (just like your mother!) and promises to take anyone who tries them on a delightful ride of rich flavours given by all our natural ingredients.

Our top choices this year are:

Basilur Flower Romance Bouquet - Ceylon Black tea with amaranth, rose & bergamot

Our first choice is a black loose leaf tea where the subtle texture given by the bergamot promises to calm and restore and the combination of rose petals and orange flowers deliver spring in a cup.basilur-romance-bouquet


Packaged in a flower bouquet tea tin and priced at only $17.95, this should be at the top of your shopping list this Mother’s Day.

Basilur Spring Gift Tin - Green tea with Papaya, Chrysanthemum buds, Cornflower, Amaranth, Almond & Jasmine

Speaking of spring in a cup, our next selection, the Basilur green tea, promises to take anyone who tastes it on an exotic ride for only $19.95.

basilur springbasilur springFormed out of a mix of high grown elevations of Ceylon with natural papaya, natural chrysanthemum buds, cornflower and amaranth, this tea gives out a flavour of almond and jasmine that will make your taste buds dance.

Basilur Window Paris Collection Tea Tin - Green Tea with Cherry, Cornflower, Almond, Vanilla & Strawberry

Because we know you want the best for your mum, we have included our Paris collection that comes packaged in a stunning tin with the view of a blossomed Eiffel Tower.

basilur paris windowbasilur paris window

Its contents match up to the presentation and the sweet flavour of cherry, vanilla and strawberry are meant to uplift and encourage a love for beauty that your mum is going to cherish.

Basilur Vintage Tin - Pink Present - Green tea with Jasmine buds, Strawberry & Mango

For mothers that love a vintage vibe, we have found the perfect gift in our green tea above. The jasmine buds bring a certain reminiscence to a classical cup of tea and the rosehip shells do wonders in bringing in all the other flavours to form an unmistakable drink

.basilur pink presentbasilur pink present

Priced at only $17.95, this beautifully presented tea tin is ready to be picked up and take a new place of residence, in your Mother’s favourite cupboard.

Basilur Oriental Arabian - Magic Nights - Ceylon black tea Cranberry, pineapple & papaya

For those mothers who love to try out new things and experiment with bold flavours, we have the perfect black tea: a unique combination of natural ingredients and a contrast in texture brought by the mix of fruit such as strawberry, apricot, pineapple and papaya with rare ingredients such as cornflower and blue Malva.

Basilur Magic Nightsbasilur magic nights

For the low price of $17.95 this tea over-delivers on its promise to shock the taste buds and engage your senses.

Corporate Christmas Gift Collection (Gold) - Basilur Amber Treasure & Folk Knit B & W

For the avid tea drinkers that like to have a bit of everything, our beautifully source teas and packaged gift box will be an excellent paper gift idea.

basilur corporate giftbasilur corporate gift

Free of any additives and filled with assertive taste tones and sweet undertones, the teas included in this pack are well worth their value of $59.95.

Basilur Love Story Vol III - Pina Colada Ceylon green tea, Cuban white rum, pineapple & coconut

Last but not least, our Pina Colada green tea packaged in a vintage tea tin shaped as a childhood storybook promises to delight your loved one with a new passion for life and add a certain charm to one’s kitchen.

This can be perfectly served as entertainment tea and it will be the cherry on top of the cherry of any tea party your mother will host.

basilur love storybasilur love story

Your mother will always need a fresh supply of tea, and what better way to ensure she has that than an assortment of high-quality teas for their perusal and some uniquely craved tea tins for storage?

You can shop our full collection here and find the perfect Mother’s day gift that will enchant and be enjoyed weeks from now.

Mario Rodrigo
Mario Rodrigo