Christmas Tea Gifts Online – Beautiful Tea Tins!

by Sharmila J Austen November 19, 2016

Come December and festivity is in the air! It is the perfect time to party, make merry, and of course shop for Christmas gifts. There are sales galore and you just can’t decide what to gift your loved ones this Christmas!  If you want to avoid the chaotic traffic and save yourself from being engulfed by the sea of shoppers in the malls, buy Christmas tea gifts online, from Teas-online. Their collection of Basilur Christmas & New Year teas, Winter teas, and holiday season teas are sure to be unique Christmas tea gifts!

Ceylon black tea with cherry & almond, Basilur tea tin    Black tea with cherry, orange, vanila, strawberry & cream - Basilur vintage Christmas tea tin

Basilur teas are encased in lovely tins and have the best quality Ceylon teas, online. Ethnically grown in the lovely tea gardens of Ceylon and meticulously packaged to maintain freshness, Basilur teas come in beautiful vintage tins. So very lovely that it’d be a shame to gift wrap and hide the festive design. See it to believe it!

Christmas & New Year gifts for Her

The entire range of Basilur Ceylon teas is designed to enchant her with their beautiful images on the tins and delight her with the flavorful Ceylon tea packed in it. Whether you are looking for a sentimental Christmas tea gift or a Corporate tea gift for her, Basilur has it all! Take a tour of the array of beautiful teas – gifts for her!

Tea tins with folk art designs

For a lover of folk art and fine needle craft, there is no dearth of Christmas gift ideas at Basilur! There are tins of Ceylon black tea with Basilur Folk Knit patterns on them. The colorful and ethnic patterns feature much-loved cross-stitch designs. The tins contain black tea flavored with the healthy benefits of fruits such as mango, kiwi, cherry, strawberry, papaya, and raspberry. Floral fragrance of Amaranth and cornflower lend a pleasing sensation even as the tea is steeping. This yields a tea that has an earthy taste with a distinct fruity flavour to it.


Black tea with safflower, marigold & flavors, BasilurBlack Tea with kiwi, blackcurrant, blueberry & cornflower - Basilur Folk Knitted Indigo gift tin

Flower bouquet - shaped tea tins

Does she love flowers of all colors and hues? That’s great news! There are Christmas tea gifts ideas just for her! Put your romantic foot forward with Basilur Romance flower bouquet collection of fine Ceylon teas and offer a lovely bouquet of flowers as a Christmas gift. There are lovely tea tins in the shape of bouquets of peonies, roses, and lilies with pure Ceylon black tea, flavored with the choicest of natural flowers and fruits. The colourful tea tin is a great Christmas gift in that it is a treat to look at just as it is delightful drink.


Black tea with orange flowers, amaranth, rose - Basilur Crimson bouquetBlack tea with flower infusions - Basilur Romance flower bouquet

A collection of tea book – shaped tea tins

For the book lover, Teas-online has a collection of books with unique blends of tea bags and loose tea packets in them. Express your love with Basilur Love Story series of three tea books! They contain Earl Grey green tea with sunflowers and safflowers, Ceylon black tea and Chinese green tea with almond, rose and amaranth flowers, and an interesting combination of Pinacolada green tea with pineapple, coconut, and Cuban white rum.

Green teas are healthy to sip any time during the day. But one can get bored of the same taste and flavor. Who doesn’t enjoy variety! Basilur’s Bouquet Assorted tea book has four types of floral jasmine green teas in convenient tea bags for you to mix and match your mood through the day. These double chamber tea bags retain freshness and the magic of green tea and Ceylon Milky Oolong green tea with flavours! The other assorted collection has an ensemble of green tea and black tea with unique flavours of kiwi, raspberry, strawberry, and rosehip.

BOUQUET ASSORTED - 4 types of Floral Green Teas - Basilur tea book (tea bags)        PINACOLADA - Ceylon green tea, Cuban white rum, pineapple & coconut - Basilur love story 3 tea book gift tin


Music concert tea tins with a touch of class

For the aesthetically-inclined tea lover Basilur presents the Music concert line of Ceylon teas – classics that will delight your taste buds! 

 Black tea with Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry & cream - Basilur gift tin for Cat loversCeylon Black Tea, pinapple, ginger & orange - Basilur, winding music concert, gift tin

Expect new and refreshing flavours from the Basilur Love Story and Assorted collection of teas. They are unique gifts for her – on Christmas or on any special occasion.

In fact, why wait for an occasion at all!


Sharmila J Austen
Sharmila J Austen